Being by nature entrepreneurial I have set up and run several associations on a voluntary basis. I have also occupied the chair of three associations that I put in place myself:
• Marchepied (helping a political refugee to achieve economic and cultural integration)
• Municipal Music School, Boves
• Samarioso, singing school
In these three associations I was responsible for up to 28 employees and, amongst other work, was involved in applying for subsidies from local and regional councils. In this respect I found that the experience I had gained in Sheffield, England in 1980, where I helped set up the Leeds subsidiary of the Bernard Thorpe and Partners group, was particularly useful.

Since 2000 I have worked as translator and interpreter with the Amiens appeal court. This has led me to translate a very wide variety of documents relating to customs, homicide, drug traffic, illegal residence, work for investigating judges, police reports, court hearings, company results, technical instructions, tour guides, civil documents, company statutes and so on. I work with the police, the courts and the Gendarmerie.

My interests outside my work are many and varied: music, ethnology, psychology, philosophy, literature and music from France and the English-speaking countries. I have an extensive knowledge of the cultures of the Spanish- and English-speaking worlds and, being born in Morocco and having worked with Arab people of different nations, I am also familiar with the Arab cultures.